Monday, February 16, 2009

Ubuntu Linux - First Impressions [Guest Post]

Yesterday, I was finally bored enough to install a free OS that many claim is the "future of computing" and arguebly the best OS ever. Just a reminder, I'm not going to go too deep in this first impression. I'm also going to compare it to OS X (Macs) and Windows.

Ubuntu starts up with a similar boot screen as Windows XP's and higher. It boots noticeably slower then Mac OS X, about the same time as most Windows PCs do. Not surprising. When it finally boots, up, you see your desktop. When I first saw Ubuntu, years ago, I thought that it looked akward and unclean. To a lower degree, I still feel the same. There's just too many buttons, and little style. Other then that, it's pretty decent. Applications and other things are easy to find, and you won't find youself using the search box as much as you do in Windows, and sometimes even in Macs. It comes with a wealth of applications, I can remember Firefox and GIMP. Firefox runs "meh" and the text onscreen looks terrible, I must say. But I won't use that against Ubuntu - it was probably the lack of personal configuration. Talking about configuration, Ubuntu is pretty good with that. Comes with a few themes, only like, 5 wallpapers, and some visual effects which I can't try (Virtual Machines...). GIMP runs amazingly. You can guess it was made for Linux.

Though I haven't tried it to a full extent, all Ubuntu is is a decent Windows clone. That is all.

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rovr138 said...

your title says:
"Ubuntu Linux - First Impressions"

but in your article you wrote:
"I'm not going to go too deep in this first impression"

it's kind of misleading isn't it?

May I ask what version of these operating system are you testing?

"There's just too many buttons"
From what I remember it has
-on the top toolbar:
---3 menu (Applications, Places, Administration) (are these icons?)
---Firefox icon
---Help icon

-bottom toolbar:
---Minimize all (or w/e it's called)
---Trash icon
---Desktop icon

"...little style..."
it's a great canvas... have you seen what you can make it look like? I'm not talking about Compiz. I'm talking about themes and packs...

also... I don't know if you still have the VM... but I'd try installing the restricted extras package.
Websites don't look good because they're made for Windows... ( The fonts I mean) restricted-extras installs this and other things that, now a days, are almost vital to have in a computer... (Java, Flash, Fonts, unrar, things like that).

to install in Ubuntu
gksudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Xubuntu and Kubuntu also have it... Just adapt the word ubuntu on the command if you're using Xubuntu or Kubuntu.

"Though I haven't tried it to a full extent, all Ubuntu is is a decent Windows clone. That is all."

I totally disagree on this... The only thing that you compare between these three operating systems is that their boot time is similar... Try harder...

Don't take anything I said in a wrong way... You guys have a good thing here... Keep it up :)

I'll be coming back soon.

r1c4rd0 said...

"Ubuntu is is a decent Windows clone."

rovr138 said...

^ insightful...