Saturday, March 20, 2010






That is all!

Reaching goals


Feeling lazy, so here comes a lazy post.

Almost 1 1/2 years later after starting this game I reached Level 100. Heh… with that time I may just be able to write a really long story since Level 1. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I’m done yet. I just gotta keep going forward. Gives me more time for Double Spoiler and Yume Nikki as well.

And uh… what else?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still alive here!

Well, the semester is almost over and as usual I forgot that I had a blog. (50% of the times were sheer laziness) I’m just gonna stroll down random crap across these few months with 120% of boredom! Eh…


End of August: Class starts and… well I got to beat my professor in the first day.

September: Usual routines, won a laptop in a really random way that I still don’t know how I won it.

October: More routines, but everything felt so normal. Got my laptop at the end of the month. R4 got stolen as well…

November: TURKEY. Also played Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star. A little disappointed, but it was still good.

December: Currently waiting 3 more days for the PWI expansion.


As dull as the summary may be, there’s a lot of stuff that I missed that’s hard to convey with words.


Random stuff:

2009-11-24 21-49-44 Still haven’t lost my camera instincts <3. The reason for me posting this is that I finally got something that can troll people. Thus, the following picture:

2009-11-30 17-43-37

The entire set may have cost $10, but seeing everyone’s reaction… Priceless.


Video corner: I was wandering on YouTube last night and found this nice piece of music a la ZUN. Some phantasm stage done in danmakufu. However, the music is just… wonderful.


There’s also Mystical Chain which is epically awesome. I don’t have recordings of myself so I’ll just grab one.


That’s it for the random posting because I had spent so much time without posting any kind of crap in here stuff…

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vidya part 2 - (because 3.5? o,.,o)

So… Version 182 of Perfect World just came. It’s huge size, most of it is due to refinements and additions to what I finally recorded yesterday (so lazy). It’s the place for them Tideborns that are supposed to come soon. The site had a screenshot of something I haven’t seen, and when I was looking around I saw more land over the horizon. As a screenshot junkie, it was camera get and go!
Usually I just align the camera and shoot. This time I went full video. (I think this shows that I love pre-release stuff)

I should fix the title sometime… eh…
Anyway: Music is Sky Ruins from UFO. Maybe I should’ve gone with the Stage 4 one. >.>

I almost forgot, I used audiosurf for the first time yesterday. Pure win.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Misc Update

I think I enabled to be notified when someone leaves a comment. So I shouldn’t find comments months after it was posted.




*goes back to easy mode*

Just because #3 – Vidya post

I didn’t have class today (yay!) so I decided to record a little something because I was bored.

5:55 Time… nice. (I just noticed that)

Other than this, I’ve also fallen in love with “Heian Alien”. Improvisation + ZUN = Pure Win.


Let’s see, woke up early as usual to get 2 BHs in Perfect World. Just one today. Went to college, my professor was absent. I want to eat something, there’s nothing to eat. I’m seeing a pattern here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just because 2


Found it on the nets, it’s spiffy, I like.

Non informative post, needs to get weirder. (Yes I am bored)