Saturday, May 2, 2009

Techie’s Toy: Virtual Windows XP

There’s been a little something something (not a repeated typo) called Virtual Windows XP, Ze. This little app, feature, or as I like to call it, toy, is supposed to be Microsoft’s answer to FINALLY kill XP for good. Ironically you end up using XP anyway, but not in the same way…

The setup is very easy, if some corporate place or person or admin or whatever the hell he/she is fails or finds this difficult to set up deserves to be hit… hard.

This is all just a prepackaged virtual machine that allows you to use programs without opening the VM itself… technically…

Upon setup you are visited with a simple XP installation:



To use applications, just add a shortcut to the Programs folder in the All Users start menu folder or better yet, have My Computer as a shortcut; this can make it easier to browse through XP.

Don’t like the default view of XP? Always used Visual Styles? You’re gonna love the fact that since you’re basically running XP just uxtheme it and use the VS of your choice.


So this is pretty much it, a very convenient Virtual Machine. Seriously, if companies continue hugging XP after this, my faith in humanity will just shatter.

Now it just needs 32-bit color support and I’ll be happy.