Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yay UxTheme patch!

Short post start!

The x64 version of the Windows 7 (7000) UxTheme Patch has been released!
This means that there needs to be no more waiting!
I'm short of time, so...
Look for the Awesome Smiley on the previous post!

Short post end!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vacationing, musings, and 7.

Hopping into the new Windows 7 build during the Christmas season. My semester ended awfully late, so what better way to start wasting my vacation by <snip> the Windows 7 Beta!

I can’t really be super impressed seeing as I used 6801 and 6956 and spoiled myself with it. However, it really smells like it’s been polished like a couple of times before it was released. Let’s just say that I feel like I’m not beta testing at all. No errors, no bugs, very few minor app compatibility, excellent driver support (even for my recently bought, new graphics card). Not even the CEIP error has appeared and the task scheduler error is gone (man, that’s old).

I did manage to see a Red Screen of Death for a split second, about half a minute of a black screen, then a BSoD containing something about less or not equal or something close. Thankfully I wasn’t alone, but I can’t back up my information with evidence due to not having a picture. I tried to get it again and record it, but it just did not want to reappear. This happened on Build 7000 x86. After a failed install of what I think it was MagicISO and an attempt to use System Restore without a Restore Point from the startup repair tool which I ended up restarting the computer.

So, yeah. Everything’s going smoothly, a few people I know have tried it and love it. This includes a Linux user who has spent a great part of his life bashing Windows and came with the statement:

“I can't
believe I'm saying this
windows 7 is nice..

the driver support is amazing
aero and sounds work on my laptop without me having to install anything” <- taken from the log

yay <- What is expected, what we got.

And that’s it. My first and last post during vacation. Tomorrow I start another semester. This one will be hard, but all in all…

Also, I got me a Pixiv account! The place is just AWESOME! No point in giving out my account because I can’t draw… yet. It’s just awesome.