Monday, February 16, 2009

Ubuntu Linux - First Impressions [Guest Post]

Yesterday, I was finally bored enough to install a free OS that many claim is the "future of computing" and arguebly the best OS ever. Just a reminder, I'm not going to go too deep in this first impression. I'm also going to compare it to OS X (Macs) and Windows.

Ubuntu starts up with a similar boot screen as Windows XP's and higher. It boots noticeably slower then Mac OS X, about the same time as most Windows PCs do. Not surprising. When it finally boots, up, you see your desktop. When I first saw Ubuntu, years ago, I thought that it looked akward and unclean. To a lower degree, I still feel the same. There's just too many buttons, and little style. Other then that, it's pretty decent. Applications and other things are easy to find, and you won't find youself using the search box as much as you do in Windows, and sometimes even in Macs. It comes with a wealth of applications, I can remember Firefox and GIMP. Firefox runs "meh" and the text onscreen looks terrible, I must say. But I won't use that against Ubuntu - it was probably the lack of personal configuration. Talking about configuration, Ubuntu is pretty good with that. Comes with a few themes, only like, 5 wallpapers, and some visual effects which I can't try (Virtual Machines...). GIMP runs amazingly. You can guess it was made for Linux.

Though I haven't tried it to a full extent, all Ubuntu is is a decent Windows clone. That is all.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wait… the Windows Live Essentials installer works on Server?

I decided to try the downloadable installer for Windows Live Essentials to see if I could grab Writer along the way and I am indeed surprised that Server OSes are supported. So… I guess that the previous post should be referred as the Windows Live Messenger 2009 Standalone Installer.

Oh, and besides sacrificing Media Center for the Server Manager. I really don’t see the difference between 7 and 2008 R2! Which is awesome!

There are also many things that hurt your brain… I just witnessed one.

Confirmation: Windows Live Messenger 2009 on Server 2008/R2

Fueled by my massive boredom streaks, I got ahold of Windows Server 2008 R2 after I had surrendered my DVD's last month. The good news is that the installers that I uploaded do infact work.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seriously, people, you need stop complaining about Windows 7 [Guest Post]

Unlike Wolf, I haven't upgraded to the Windows 7 beta. Yet. Well, read this article about the UAC control. Apparently, people are going crazy because it's less annoying and is less protective.

Well excuse me.

Most PC mods (as in, the general term) these days have you disabling UAC anyway, so why the hell is it a problem? We didn't have UAC on the ever-great "Windows XP". Hell, we didn't even have Windows Defender (which doesnt do crap in Vista). But yet, people think XP is STILL more secure. Honestly, I don't see how hard it is to press a "Continue" button. Obviously, Windows 7 (and hopefully Defender) will be more secure anyway. And I read an article that says that there is no way for malware to travel to your computer without the users consent, anyway.

Posted at 3:25 PM UST and 6:31 PM EST on 2/5/09.

Windows Live Messenger 2009 (Final) for Windows Server 2008 / R2

I'm gonna pretend there isn't a post about M&M's below...

Anyway, I had realized that the old installers are indeed old. So I got hold on the standalone installers that are necessary to run Windows Live Messenger. However, I could only get Dr. Watson x64. I'm not sure if it's needed, but you can try to ignore that if installing it on 32-bit. Besides, the majority of Server users use x64 anyway.

As usual, leave the Messenger installer for last.

Note: I am assuming that it works. I no longer have my Server DVD's, so I can't do direct testing. The files are similar, so it should work fine.

Download: Windows Live Essentials (Messenger Only) for Windows Servers

This should iron out any confusion from the Beta 3 installer. If any questions arise, please do comment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boredom DOES lead to drugs. Sort of. [Guest Post]

Okay, my first real post. I'm going to post about...freakin M&Ms.

Peanut. M&Ms.

These things are freakin drugs. Why? Well, before that, I want to say, that NO ONE FREAKIN GOES ON AIM OR MSN OKAY GO ON PLEASE IM SO BORED. Okay, now that that is out of the way, I will say that M&Ms are like drugs. How?

1. They are addicting - Right now, as I speak, there is an almost empty back of peanut M&Ms. I cannot. Stop. Eating. Dunno why. I just can't.

2. They make you anerexic - Sort of. After I opened this bag, I completly lost my appetite for the reast of the day. Hell, 2 days. Stupid M&Ms.

3. They make you craaaaazy - Have you ever seen me eating these on Xbox Live? Well, you'd know that they make me like, drunk almost.

4. They "increase" your love life - Sort of. Well, if you are one of my friends who reads this, you'll know I talk about that girl I like EVERY FREAKIN WAKING SECOND IM ONLINE GOSH. Reason? M&Ms. Peanut. M&Ms.

5. Why the hell am I not sick? - After all, they are PEANUT M&Ms. You know, the ones with salamanella.

Posted at 7:23 PM UST, 10:23 PM EST on 2/4/09.

Hai Guys :D [Guest Post]

Hey everyone, I'm a new author, a friend of the (self proclaimed) "admin overlord" and I randomly asked him if I can write on his blog. Luckily, he let me do it. :D

Well, obviously I'm not going to put a this post. That's kind sketchy if you ask me. I'll probably post something after this.

Since the post date and time thing doesn't work well, I'll just post it here:

Posted 7:16 PM UST, 10:16PM EST, on 2/4/09.

Edited twice, time does not matter.


The shit works!




(This is not an informative post and is merely a way of saying that I'm under the effect of it.)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quickie: Restore the Windows 7 Boot Screen

It may happen to some that the Windows 7 Boot Screen disappears and is replaced by Vista’s. To remedy this, just:

bcdedit /set {current} locale en-US

via command prompt

It worked on me, so it should work on others.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Excuse to post: Too much crap to talk that no one really gives a damn about but I really don’t give a damn about the others who already don’t give a damn and is currently doing an unnecessarily long post title just to entertain the reader a little before going onto the wreck that is this post. It is clearly from the mind of a really bored person. Bored enough to still be writing this title… Okay… I’ll stop now.

I find myself thinking on how times change quite a lot. My life itself is pretty dull, but I like to take myself on a trip of how I’ve spent my internet time across these years.

To think that I started out my soloing with AOL. I needed an ISP at that time (10th grade) and had a Frisbee trial CD so we went with it. I was limited, but at least it was not a 14 Kbps connection, so I really did not mind that much. I could finally update my computer which I really hadn’t done before. Most of that time is very foggy.

I still carried a couple of things from the even-before times. Like the SPC music I had on my sister’s old computer (and by old, I mean Windows 95). In fact, I’m currently listening to one of them 6 years later. I’ve always liked videogame music, it breaks away from the standards that we hear everyday on radio, CD’s, etc. I’ve always found myself to be different, and I was right.

Not much after, I encountered the customization world, which at that time was ruled by WindowsBlinds (according to my point of view at the time). At first sight, I was shocked. It felt like I could break a century old tradition and try to make my PC my way. By that time I was also getting into technology news. I still remember a few things of the whole Sasser, MyDoom, etc crap and the Windows XP Service Pack 2 craze. Good times indeed. (Good as in everything was a ---- chaos that it amused me.)

On the personal side, I’ve somehow developed an interest toward werewolves. Of course, it means that it managed to pass my criteria (Note: Hard criteria is HARD). Also, at the same time I was starting out in a Rockman.EXE community. With that happening, I was also following a site that specialized on Pokemon Glitches (wut?). Basically, it’s the only thing that makes them take a special place inside of me. The others suck anyway, but hey, I left a footprint there. (If only those carts would just burst into flames…)

Much later on I was doing another werewolf image search (Go Google!) until I stumbled upon what happened to be a desktop screenshot of a wallpaper and a Winamp skin of a quite intriguing werewolf. It was blue, and I’m quite the sucker for blue. So yeah, more Google adventures awaited!

Detouring a little, around that time, I was also hooked with OverClocked Remix and a bit after came to me the wonderful thing that was StarFox 2. Geeky moments arose. Which reminds me, I need to get a certain MP3 from there…

After having dried up my resources from familiar sites, I decided to go further in. I decided to search across the Japanese intarwebs and expand my search results. I have to say… It was… Oh it was just so ~~~ AWESOME! Along the route, I once again stumbled onto something. This time, it was the Vista Transformation Pack. MORE AWESOME! Ever since that time I’ve been the king of customization locally. Nobody seemed to customize their computers, so a little used to be a lot. There were many other things that were happening during all of this time, but this were the most common ones. A common routine if you may. Time passed, and with the exception of the whole Vista thing, I was pretty much happy with what I had. Of course, other things like Haruhi, Okkusenman, multiple Rockman games addiction modo, etc. (Crap, I geeked it too much there)

I practically had drained out all of the content that was relevant to my interests so I put my attention on tech sites trying to expand my computer knowledge. I couldn’t just stand by idly with my OEM license and just basic information forever.

Of course, it wasn’t until someone opened up the gate to the domain of ZUN. I pretty much became a Touhou whore, but I can’t stop praising the guy. So much awesome in a body with a liver of steel.

At this point I’m pretty much rushing my thoughts due to reaching the fourth page according to my notebook in which I’m writing this post draft (and currently making changes as I type it). Now the most recent thing (while skipping A LOT of content) has been playing Perfect World (and here I thought I was never going to play a mmo). I started out as a joke and just to please my friends. As time passed, I grew on it. Let’s just say that there’s much to be seen as you level up in a game with people on all the time.

Studying at the university, working as a computer technician, ZUN fanboy, and a slow net game player. This is what I currently stand by as (got a problem with that?). There are MANY things untold, but most of them are quite personal, if not forgotten. Still, it’s fun to look back at what kind of files existed back then.

The most interesting part… No knowledge of what will come.

Maybe… I might do an attempt at those 4comas (koma?) about them silly lag spikes while playing or something someday.

And after typing all of this… my back hurts… Well, back to werk. (<not a typo)