Sunday, March 22, 2009

Opportunity: Installing Windows 7 on a Netbook.

I’ve seen it on Nico before, a Netbook running Windows 7 and Touhou at the same time. It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago when my sister brought over a new Netbook from a friend for me to check it because “it was slow”.

It was new, and the only thing that he installed by himself was Office. It took about 15 minutes to boot up and I am not making this up. After I saw the wonderful combination that was XP and McAfee, I was like…

And then I had a flashback to that video. So I just went ahead and extracted an iso into my external hard drive and started installing it. The first part of the installation, that took place in XP took about an hour. After restarting, even the mouse was smooth and it went by a lot faster (say… about 20 minutes)

Flawless, it ran! Sure, the wifi driver is a little suckish, but it ran perfectly and about 10x times faster than the XP installation it had. The owner was also happy.

So… Acer Inspire One + Windows 7 = Good

Side note: I’m watching from a distance a similar netbook with XP on it, and it looks quite saddening.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ZUN is back! Touhou 12 is imminent!

The guy never ceases to amaze me! I did not know that Reitaisai was this weekend, so my “must check ZUN’s Blog” senses were turned on when I saw /jp/ behaving oddly and I saw a really bad mockup for the game.

Touhou Seirenbune ~ Unidentified Fantastic Object is the name of said game and below is a translation (thanks to of ZUN’s post.



Commemorate! Touhou Project No. 12: Touhou Seirenbune

Well, scratch that. Don’t commemorate. Touhou Project No. 12:

“Touhou Seirenbune ~Undefined Fantastic Object.”


It feels the same as always, but I’ve fixed and balanced scoring. It’s fairly challenging.

I looked into difficulty a bit. Mm, it’s a bit easier now.

The story, in a nutshell:

“A rumor began in Gensokyo that, ever since some time before Spring, a treasure ship has been spotted in the sky. ‘What great luck!’ thought some,  and scrambled to board that ship. That’s why there were black shadows flying at high speed behind the ship.”

Something light-hearted like that. Sanae’s playable in this game, so that makes three. Each person had two objectives, but chose to chase the treasure ship (?) flying at high speeds.  It’s an almost astonishingly light-hearted plot… but.


e0088742_7324674 e0088742_7332576e0088742_734256e0088742_7342764e0088742_735023   

The game is slated for completion Summer 2009.

There will be demo CDs for sale at Reitaisai, on March the 8th. If you’re interested, bring your pot stand or something.

The demo will be three stages, just like always. Actually, this game is ridiculously conventional. I started feeling nostalgic at some point.


Commemorate, indeed!