Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still alive here!

Well, the semester is almost over and as usual I forgot that I had a blog. (50% of the times were sheer laziness) I’m just gonna stroll down random crap across these few months with 120% of boredom! Eh…


End of August: Class starts and… well I got to beat my professor in the first day.

September: Usual routines, won a laptop in a really random way that I still don’t know how I won it.

October: More routines, but everything felt so normal. Got my laptop at the end of the month. R4 got stolen as well…

November: TURKEY. Also played Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star. A little disappointed, but it was still good.

December: Currently waiting 3 more days for the PWI expansion.


As dull as the summary may be, there’s a lot of stuff that I missed that’s hard to convey with words.


Random stuff:

2009-11-24 21-49-44 Still haven’t lost my camera instincts <3. The reason for me posting this is that I finally got something that can troll people. Thus, the following picture:

2009-11-30 17-43-37

The entire set may have cost $10, but seeing everyone’s reaction… Priceless.


Video corner: I was wandering on YouTube last night and found this nice piece of music a la ZUN. Some phantasm stage done in danmakufu. However, the music is just… wonderful.


There’s also Mystical Chain which is epically awesome. I don’t have recordings of myself so I’ll just grab one.


That’s it for the random posting because I had spent so much time without posting any kind of crap in here stuff…