Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boredom DOES lead to drugs. Sort of. [Guest Post]

Okay, my first real post. I'm going to post about...freakin M&Ms.

Peanut. M&Ms.

These things are freakin drugs. Why? Well, before that, I want to say, that NO ONE FREAKIN GOES ON AIM OR MSN OKAY GO ON PLEASE IM SO BORED. Okay, now that that is out of the way, I will say that M&Ms are like drugs. How?

1. They are addicting - Right now, as I speak, there is an almost empty back of peanut M&Ms. I cannot. Stop. Eating. Dunno why. I just can't.

2. They make you anerexic - Sort of. After I opened this bag, I completly lost my appetite for the reast of the day. Hell, 2 days. Stupid M&Ms.

3. They make you craaaaazy - Have you ever seen me eating these on Xbox Live? Well, you'd know that they make me like, drunk almost.

4. They "increase" your love life - Sort of. Well, if you are one of my friends who reads this, you'll know I talk about that girl I like EVERY FREAKIN WAKING SECOND IM ONLINE GOSH. Reason? M&Ms. Peanut. M&Ms.

5. Why the hell am I not sick? - After all, they are PEANUT M&Ms. You know, the ones with salamanella.

Posted at 7:23 PM UST, 10:23 PM EST on 2/4/09.

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