Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seriously, people, you need stop complaining about Windows 7 [Guest Post]

Unlike Wolf, I haven't upgraded to the Windows 7 beta. Yet. Well, read this article about the UAC control. Apparently, people are going crazy because it's less annoying and is less protective.

Well excuse me.

Most PC mods (as in, the general term) these days have you disabling UAC anyway, so why the hell is it a problem? We didn't have UAC on the ever-great "Windows XP". Hell, we didn't even have Windows Defender (which doesnt do crap in Vista). But yet, people think XP is STILL more secure. Honestly, I don't see how hard it is to press a "Continue" button. Obviously, Windows 7 (and hopefully Defender) will be more secure anyway. And I read an article that says that there is no way for malware to travel to your computer without the users consent, anyway.

Posted at 3:25 PM UST and 6:31 PM EST on 2/5/09.

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