Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I said - I am

I just had to puzzle the title. Here's the thing, I said that the only way that I can help with Windows 7 is by sending error reports. And now, this is one of those important moments.

My computer suffered another BSoD due to a completely different cause; the screen didn't give me much info, however, the report is big... And by big I mean BIG.

Thats the percentage at the time of writing after eating my dinner. Instead of blabbing about techy mumbo jumbo, I shall describe the error with a end-user point of view.
-I inserted a blank CD
-It starts identifying it
This one is pure randomness. And yes, it can read blank discs... But this is the charm of using an OS in development! IT DOESN'T CEASE TO AMAZE!
And now time to recreate my wonderful logon... (I lost it in a format) To Photoshop, AWAAAAAY!
(The % is at 19 at the time of finishing this post)

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