Thursday, June 26, 2008

Project: PC Reconstruction!

Years have passed since I got my wonderful computer. It has served it's purpose well and without fail. But alas, it's hardware has gotten obsolete. I plan in replacing some of it's parts in order to tune it up.

So far I'm thinking of Power Supply (ONE THAT'S SILENT), a Motherboard, and a CPU. Those are my priorities right now. I can still handle with 70 GB of space and 1 GB of RAM ain't that bad.
My Graphics Card is in good shape and better than my 6 month old laptop, so thats not needed. Besides, the only games I'm currently playing are Touhou and they don't need fancy stuff.

I plan on reinstalling Server 2008 and I may go with 64 bit this time. I just hope my check fills my budget for this.

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