Monday, June 23, 2008

A day in the hospital ~ Gallbladder removal.

So, I finally got my Gallbladder removed. Most WTF experience of my life.
First we got up really early and flashed to the hospital. Once we got to the waiting room... we waited (GASP). Next I was moved to the preparations room. I was a human earthquake, I couldn't stop trembling due to fear.

Later I was sent with the anestesia(?) people. They made fun of me (in a good way) and injected me with something that felt like a cold rush from my hand to arm to body. Suddently I was KO'd.

I realized I was asleep and needed to pee. I started to wake myself up and mumble "I need to pee" but I HAD SOMETHING INSIDE MY PENIS THAT SUCKED MY URINE FROM MY BLADDER. Talk about cock vore... (yes, it hurt when it was took out)

The surgery had already finished 2 hours ago and I was recovering. I was moved to a chair to be injected with pee-inducing fluids and wait until 5 PM to be checked out.

Now I stole my parent's bedroom for tonight and wrote all this from my DS. Yup, I already slept that much.

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