Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vidya part 2 - (because 3.5? o,.,o)

So… Version 182 of Perfect World just came. It’s huge size, most of it is due to refinements and additions to what I finally recorded yesterday (so lazy). It’s the place for them Tideborns that are supposed to come soon. The site had a screenshot of something I haven’t seen, and when I was looking around I saw more land over the horizon. As a screenshot junkie, it was camera get and go!
Usually I just align the camera and shoot. This time I went full video. (I think this shows that I love pre-release stuff)

I should fix the title sometime… eh…
Anyway: Music is Sky Ruins from UFO. Maybe I should’ve gone with the Stage 4 one. >.>

I almost forgot, I used audiosurf for the first time yesterday. Pure win.

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r1c4rd0 said...

Well, Audiosurf is awesome, so that's that.

The video audio seems a bit out of sync though.