Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just because

Last post was from 1 week after vacations started. I totally forgot about this and very few comments that go unnoticed because I have no freaking way to know when they are posted.

Stuff has happened since then, most noticeably the changing college part. Usually, I’d narrate parts of it but since it just brings me pain and diarrhea, I’m shortening it to “I was fed up of my old college so I decided to gtfo and have it kiss my fat ass.” I still go visit my friends though.

ZUN and Tasofro released their stuff not long ago and man that was awesome. Nothing more can describe it.

I confessed to my mother about some things that have been plaguing me for 2 years and I have to say, even though I cried my eyes out that weird weight on my shoulders were gone.

Grind grind grind. Spent the vacations trying to reached Lv90 in Perfect World. Failed miserably and am still on 85.

And uh stuff. Additionally, I’m editing posts not made by me adding [Guest Post] to the title since the “by –someone-“ thingy is gone.

One more thing


That thing below the arrow… What the fuck is that thing?!

Blah, I can’t think of something else so post ends here


r1c4rd0 said...

It's a robot.(or something)
Haven't you played story mode yet?

Wolf said...

I was being somewhat sarcastic. And yes I know it's a robot that appears in an ending. I just like screwing around with some friends about it.